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Hurst Economic Development

The Hurst Economic Development Department monitors and promotes economic development opportunities throughout the City. We are continually working with the community and our business partners to cultivate a healthy economic environment by creating resources and opportunities that make it easier to do business in Hurst.


Hurst Sustainable Neighborhood Plan 2017

Hurst is a first-class city with great assets, resources and city leadership. However, to maintain its status, the city recognized that it needs to be proactive to remain resilient and competitive. As a mature and built-out suburban community in the DFW Metroplex, Hurst is beginning to experience some of the challenges that come with an aging suburban community. The goal of this initiative was to develop a market and community-based redevelopment strategy that can stimulate private investment and prioritize public involvement. Below you will find the Hurst Redevelopment Plan that was done with the help of Catalyst Commercial, planning consultants, who were hired by the city.  These consultants and city staff met with representatives of the residential and commercial property owners to discuss and help produce the plan.  It includes discussion of the entire city with special focus on south east Hurst.  The city will now work with these same representatives to work towards enhancements that the private sector will need to support as well as the city and it's residents.

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Economic Update June 2019

Cities thrive on Economic Development. It is a good year when many new businesses choose your city to open their new business. It adds to the tax base which allows enhanced city services and adds to the selection of goods and services making the city a more desirable place to live. This past year was  great  for the City of Hurst as 116 new businesses occupying 566,488 sq. ft. opened in Hurst. That activity was complimented by 671 new families choosing to move to Hurst as they purchased existing single family residences over the 12 months. The average sales price of those homes was $247,000 which represented a 6% increase in the average price compared to the year before. The average days on market was 25 days. 94 additional new families will be added to the Hurst community as the new $18 million Provision at North Valentine multi-family complex opens later in the year.

These new families and existing residents are enjoying the strong business growth and selection of new products. Of the 116 new businesses that opened over the last 12 months, 19 of them have been restaurants and food service operations. One of the most popular is the new Tiff’s Treats cookie delivery business and the new Tropical Smoothie Café. They opened recently in a newly constructed shopping center on Airport Freeway. Tropical Smoothie Café is a healthy, nutritional food service option featuring delicious smoothies, wraps, flatbreads and salads. Tiff’s Treats excels in quick home delivery and pick up service of their renowned fresh bakery items. They also serve other dessert items like ice cream and brownies. This new shopping center was one of four that have opened in Hurst over the last 18 months adding to the 6.3 million square feet of retail space across the 10 square mile city.

With several more projects coming up in the near future, Hurst is looking forward to a productive 2019. For more information about the City of Hurst, please contact Steve Bowden at 817-788-7025, email or visit

For more information on real estate opportunities in Hurst, please contact Steve Bowden at 817-788-7025, sbowden@hursttx,gov.


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Shopping local has always been a vital component to keeping the local economy strong and it’s now more important than ever. We hope to encourage and educate shoppers on the benefits of visiting, shopping and doing business in Hurst.