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Hurst Economic Development

The Hurst Economic Development Department monitors and promotes economic development opportunities throughout the City. We are continually working with the community and our business partners to cultivate a healthy economic environment by creating resources and opportunities that make it easier to do business in Hurst.


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Southeast Hurst Redevelopment Plan

The City of Hurst has recently retained Catalyst Commercial to help develop a revitalization vision and strategy for the city. The primary goal of this initiative is to evaluate the city's neighborhoods and business community with respect to opportunities and weaknesses. This will in turn help city council prioritize public initiatives and to catalyze redevelopment that will involve Hurst residents and the private sector as well.

The purpose of this planning effort is to understand the viability of the existing development, explore new uses and development strategies that will create an exciting new vision for specific catalytic locations within the city. This plan will result in a market driven land use and development strategy that will incorporate a mix of uses that takes advantage of Hurst's location in the Metroplex.

In order to create a realistic vision that is consistent with the specific needs of the property and business owners along the corridor, the City of Hurst held numerous stakeholder meetings. The goal of these meetings was to provide information on this initiative, review existing conditions within the city and to gather feedback from residential property and business owners.

Feel free to review the presentation that was used at the stakeholder meeting on January 25, 2017 that shows the programs goals, early findings and assessments, plus stakeholder comments.

Economic Development News

July 2017

It is nice to live in an area that people like and is attractive to residents and visitors. Hurst is one of those cities. Many new families not living in Hurst, want to be here. According to, a popular national “homes for sale” search engine, six of the top 10 cities in the country most often “clicked on” when potential home buyers search for a new home, are in Texas. The top three are Waco, Carrolton and Hurst! And it worked for some as 626 new families moved to Hurst last year and purchased their homes at an average sales price of $207k which represented a 10% increase in value over the year before. Each month  North Texas Real Estate Services distributes an existing home sales activity report and of the 14 Mid-Cities, Hurst is usually third in the number of homes sold each month. More new families are moving to Hurst thru the purchase of existing single family residences (not new construction) than Southlake, Grapevine, Bedford and Euless. Already thru the first five months of 2017, 264 homes have been sold in Hurst at an average sales price of $230k or 11% higher value than 2016. This is even more remarkable when considering the limited inventory of homes for sale in Hurst.

The City of Hurst recently hired a consultant that worked with City staff to create a Redevelopment Plan for the City that included considerable analysis of what homeowners, home builders and the City does well with our neighborhoods and what we can improve on. Feel free to review the study and see how you might be able to help your neighborhood and City by going to A housing survey of Hurst residents was done as a part of the study as well and the top four reasons selected by citizens for what they considered to be the best attributes of living in Hurst were 1) its central location 2) its quality parks and city facilities 3) the value of housing-affordability 4) the quality school system.

98% of the land in our 10 square mile city is occupied by a business or a home. Very little land remains undeveloped making the ability to add new residential subdivisions extremely limited. But because the area is so popular and demand is so high, home builders are willing to build on small in-fill parcels and or try and assemble vacant land parcels together. We are excited that three such areas are under construction now where there are new small subdivisions being created. They include:

Royal Residency Estates…10 homes…valued at $175k to $225k ea…Pecan and Brown Trail

Melbourne Place…18 homes…valued at +$400k ea…Hurst Blvd. and Melbourne

Sandstone Cove…30 homes…valued at +$450k ea…Hurstview and Heneretta

It is nice to live where people want to be!

For more information on the Economic Development opportunities in the City of Hurst contact Steve Bowden at 817.788.7025, or visit


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